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Hello beautiful soul!

If you’re looking for a mentor to support you in planning ahead wisely, while also embracing the mystery of moment, I‘m happy to be a resource to you on your path. With a Bachelor's Degree focused on the Psychology of Art Therapy, I have learned from many masters of Science, Ayurveda, Astrology, and the Shamanic Arts for over a decade.

I specialize in helping fempreneurs reach their goals through alchemical coaching and strategic planning that takes the impact of planetary transits into account. Work with me to experience the magic of astrological, naturopathic care.

Ways to Work with Me

Dedicated clients come in-person or join me online to explore the moment from a holistic perspective. My intention is to connect with you through the wisdom of the stars so your faith can be enriched as you withness your life’s divine timing through symbol, sound, and self-reflection.

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know the major planetary shifts ahead at a glance

See ALL of the major astrological events from Spring 2023-2024 ALL ON ONE PAGE with my ephemeris!

I use this with every client.

See the future in a snapshot whenever you need to with this resource for you.

A glimpse into our Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship library...

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Sacred Rhythm Self-Study Astrology Mentorship

Time rules all.

The Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship is a simple, affordable, holistic, naturopathic, astrological program that teaches you how many masters taught me to read charts so you can do it for yourself!

The Planets tell time.

In this mentorship, you'll widen your perspective with the lens of your star chart. This mystery school experience connects you to the technical, intuitive, and embodied aspects of practicing astrology shamanically.

the Mentorship Timeline

Sacred Rhythm Personal Astrology Mentorship

We are divine mirrors.

Do you want a more personalized experience through the course? Apply for a personal mentorship with me if you know you’re ready to celebrate the gift of life that you are to the world! I am here to support your process.

Community creates momentum.

Learn how to read your chart for yourself with me as your personal guide so that you can align your visions with the sacred schedule of the stars and live life to the fullest every day.

Drop-in Private Sessions


Using whole sign houses, we’ll explore techniques like the Almuten, the annual profection, transits and progressions so you can see your chart in a new way.


Listen to the frequency of the planets to create a sense of balance and harmony in the body and mind, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


Be timely with your business. Link arms with me to find windows of opportunity based on the unique intersection of your birth chart and the current cosmic forecast.

You deserve to know more↓

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1005 Main Street, Suite 117

Pawtucket, RI, 02860

My private studio for clients and gatherings is located at the intersection of the 2 Hope Artist Village buildings. Follow posted signs for parking in the Courtyard, on Main Street, Warren Ave, & Esten Ave. Come early to find a spot. See you soon!

with Stefanie Medina

Gold Sun Illustration
Gold Moon

Starry Alignment