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Starry Alignment

holistic sanctuary

located in the hope artiste village in Pawtucket, Rhode Island




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Embody holistic healing with our local and global astrology community.

first class of any kind is free here!

Deepen your yoga practice with your awareness of the lunar cycles and more at the Starry Alignment Holistic Sanctuary.

Our online and in person offerings help you to integrate principles of naturopathic medicine into your daily life. Join us to learn how to tell time beyond the modern clock and see symptoms as divine signals on your path of self-mastery.

Get 1:1 astrology readings that blow your mind, study astrology to know how to read the charts for yourself, or gather with us to explore the connection between the planets, plants, and people. Students of all levels and backgrounds are welcome.

get 50% off your first reading

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in the Sanctuary

Mountain Sunrise

tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays

Sunrise Yoga

Heal with yoga positions based on the phase of the moon and astrology of the moment. Includes organic tea, vibrational sound healing, journaling and soothing reflexology to improve circulation.

ohm Yes!

Henna powder. Henna paste. Prepare henna paste.


henna club

Learn how to mix and apply the paste of organic henna to the body to create art and to the hair to nourish it from root to end. This ritual relieves anxiety, enhances beauty, and provides powerful protection.

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Full moon eclipse

start with the leo full moon 02/06

lunar gatherings

Leverage the power of the New & Full Moons with these biweekly in-person, small group astrology gatherings. Integrate lessons and embody your gratitude with intentional movement.


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in person & online

Printed natal chart with a red rose, astrology st Valentin and Women's day background

personal transformation

natal chart readings

Discover your planetary guides, your annual profection themes, your time lord, and the most potent windows of expansion on the horizon for you personally.

discover destiny

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consciously nurture loved ones

Relationship Readings

Study the psychology, strengths, and weaknesses of your loved ones to better support their needs and expression. For parents and life partners who want to relate wisely with astrology.

conscious relating

Printed astrology charts with white apple flowers, springtime

for weddings or unique events

Divine Timing Readings

Align with the influence of planetary alignments for important moments like engagements, weddings, and business launches. Take action when the timing divinely reflects your vision and intention.

divine timing

Sunrise Yoga Inspired by Astrology


Sign up for class Tuesday-Thursday and you'll:

  • Learn and embody medical astrology
  • Rise with sacred energy of the Sunrise
  • Enjoy organic and locally foraged herbal tea
  • Practice yoga with stellar awareness
7 seats available per class

Get unlimited Yoga for just $6

per class your first month!

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henna club

organic body art & hair masks for modern mystics

Every Wednesday from 7-8 pm, learn the art of oracle reading, body adornment, & hair nourishment with the ayurvedic herb, henna, and many more.

Henna powder and henna paste.
12 seats available per class

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Phases of the Moon. Lunar cycle.

Lunar Gatherings

celebrate the New & Full Moons.

Join us for biweekly in-person, small group astrology gatherings in the sanctuary.

In these gatherings, you will:

  • Discover how to align with the lunar cycle
  • Explore the current planetary transits
  • Integrate lessons & write new intentions
  • Use reflexology attuned to the astrology
12 seats available per gathering

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20% off reading packages

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Learn Astrology: the Language of the Stars

your birth chart is the

most accurate

diagnostic tool

of all time.

Your Answered Prayer for Learning How To:

  • Read Your Natal Chart & Love Life
  • Integrate Astrology with Herbalism & Yoga
  • Create Balance with Astrological Alchemy
  • Manifest Peace through Virtue & Honesty

Become skilled at astrology chart reading in just 6 weeks.

study in person in pawtucket Ri
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30% off reading packages

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Starry Alignment

holistic sanctuary

in the hope artiste lofts, Pawtucket, RI

community classes

calendar days


price per class


sunrise yoga

Tuesdays - Thursdays




learn astrology

01/24 - 03/02

Tuesdays & Thursdays




henna club





lunar gatherings




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*For a limited time, students in our community classes will receive discount codes for booking already marked down reading packages! Your code will be sent via email upon your class registration!

first class of any kind is free here!

learn about the current astrology anytime, anywhere with the podcast

Can't join us for in-person Lunar Gatherings? Want more notice on planetary transits?

Join us in this virtual reality to explore how to be aligned in the present through the stars’ wisdom. Press play on any episode and heal with us through the magical alchemy of astrology - the naturopathic lifestyle.

Turn on Notifications to hear the latest astrology and join us for ceremonial moments throughout the moonth, especially for the New & Full Moons.

Currently hosted by Stefanie (Stevie) Nicole Catalano Medina and Jennifer Reitmeier (Alula Rose).

enjoy at your leisure

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Join us in the Sanctuary

Stars in the Outer Space

in the hope Artiste Village

1005 Main Street, Suite 117

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 02860

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we are in 117

Follow posted signs for parking

Availability varies in the Courtyard, on Main Street, Warren Ave, & Esten Ave

We are in unit 117 in the intersection of the 2 buildings

Call or text us at # if you need support with parking or locating us! Please note that contact may not be made DURING class times. Plan to arrive early. Bless.

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Starry Alignment

holistic sanctuary

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Contact us for financial assistance.

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