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Starry Alignment

your source from cosmic strategy & divine timing


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astrology for modern mystics

In this community, we tell time beyond the modern clock and see symptoms as divine signals on the path of self-mastery.

Our offerings allow you to receive sound healing that opens your heart, get 1:1 astrology readings that blow your mind, learn how to read the charts for yourself, and gather with other light-workers to explore the connection between the planets, plants, and people.

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Align your mind and body to the frequency of love in our private

healing sessions

sound bath attunements

natal chart readings

Time has led us to each other.

Hello! I'm Stefanie (Stevie) Nicole Catalano.

I'm a Professional Astrologer and the Founder of the Starry Alignment Astrology Community Center.

I live to unveil the mysteries of life's cycles so we can use our time and vitality wisely. For over a decade, my mission to is help all lead with love and heal naturally.

With a Bachelor's in Psychology and years of study with many masters of Ayurveda, astrology, and the shamanic arts, I lovingly facilitate transformation through education. Work with me to experience the magic of entheogenic, naturopathic astrology. Click here to feel my teachers.

Our co-creation is divine.

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deepen your self care practice by forming a conscious alliance with the planets

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book a private sound bath

Listen to the frequency of the planets to create a sense of balance and harmony in the body and mind, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

book your sound bath

Schedule yourself regular sessions with our flexible & accessible pricing.

75-minute sessions are just $65;

optional tips given afterwards support the Community Center & raise funds for Indigenous Collective.

get a reading that widen your perspective

Discover what's behind the symbolism of your chart - including the Hellenistic Astrology formulas that inform my interpretations.

We'll meditate to get grounded and see how the chart between us inspires conversation.

Using whole sign houses and other concepts of traditional astrology, you'll see your chart in a new way and feel profoundly clear.

Palm with Astrological Signs

what clients are saying

It's all in the technique...

Depending on the flow of our conversation, here are topics we may explore in a reading:


annual profection

secondary progressions

book an astrology reading

Gain a new 12 year outlook on your life with an understanding of how to utilize astrological alchemy to enhance your health, productivity, and happiness.

schedule your immersion

Readings with me are like an initiation, and for that reason, we take our time. Over the course of 2 hours, we will cultivate sacred space, dive deep into the intricacies of your birth chart, and explore time with plenty of room for questions. Both in-person and online options are available.

Includes the session recording plus additional resources.

expand your relationship with time

Galaxy in Outter Space

Are you curious about how to integrate astrology into your life holistically?

Ready to more deeply understand the mechanics of traditional chart reading?

Want to discover truth through self study and become so masterful you can read for others?

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join me through a journey of a lifetime

Experience the predictive, healing power of Hellenistic & Shamanic Astrology over the course of 2023 so that you can use these tools for life.

see the full course curriculum below

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Zodiac Signs
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sacred rhythm

astrology mentorship

Tropical Zodiac Techniques Level 1

12 Module course

mysteries revealed


✦ The Thema Mundi: The Birth Chart of the World Teaching Tool

✦ How to find the Ultimate Ruler (Influencer) of any astrology chart

✦ Extremely important, underutilized prediction techniques

the 12 places

✦ Difference between Tropical & Sidereal Astrology

✦ The deep meaning of the 12 places in astrology

✦ How the energy flow through the chart impacts you personally

time lord

✦ The yearly themes of life that change like clockwork

✦ Discover the planet whose transits will most greatly impact you

✦ Techniques to enhance planning and the enlightenment process

The Sun

✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of the Sun

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Sun via its sign, place, and aspects

✦ How the Sun’s journey through your chart affects your vitality

The Moon

✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of the Moon

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Moon its sign, place, and aspects

✦ The Phase of the Moon at the time of your birth & its impact

lifetime lunation

✦ The incredibly predictive tool known as Secondary Progressions

✦ How your purpose has progressed over time

✦ The significance of the Lifetime Lunation Cycle phase you’re in


✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of Mercury

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Mercury via its sign, place, and aspects

✦ How to optimize your time during Mercury’s Retrograde 3x/year


✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of Venus

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Venus via her sign, place, and aspects

✦ How to embrace Venus' Cycle to experience more orgasmic love


✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of Mars

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Mars via his sign, place, and aspects

✦ Work with Mars to initiate ideas and take action powerfully


✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of Jupiter

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Jupiter via his sign, place, and aspects

✦ How Jupiter widens your perspective on abundance every year


✦ The astronomical & astrological significance of Saturn

✦ Meaning of Your Natal Saturn via his sign, place, and aspects

✦ How Saturn's movement cultivates protection and power within


✦ Bringing it all together with example charts and live readings

✦ Connect with other astrologers in the chat

✦ Look ahead into the transits of 2024 for clarity on what’s next

Galaxy in Outter Space

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Know your chart like the back of your hand.

Your chart is YOURS after all!

Put the power of astrology chart reading into your own hands with the Complete Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship Self Study Course.

go on a solo journey into the depth of your truth


integrative journal prompts


embodiment practices


planetary quick reference guide


zodiac signs quick reference guide


houses quick reference guides + more

take the complete self study journey

Hands and Moon Phases

open your heart to the power of community


get all of the above, plus ...


12 monthly group mentorship calls


(2) 2 hour 1:1 private reading immersions


community inspired accountability

take the group mentorship journey

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get personalized support with

as a private 1:1 mentee


all of the above included, plus...


12 75-minute 1:1 private immersions


in-person option available


online option available


high level accountability

apply for the private mentorship

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Celebrate LIFE with restorative rituals

in person gatherings

A sacred space to heal in community

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break patterns of isolation & fearful thinking

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release stagnate energy with astrological alchemy

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open your hear with powerful cleansing practices

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connect with other mindful, healing humans

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equinox sound bath

Friday, 03/31

7-8 pm

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Full Moon Isolated

full moon sister circle

Wednesday, 04/05

7:30-9 pm

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Can't join us for in-person Lunar Gatherings? Want more notice on planetary transits?

learn about the current astrology anytime, anywhere with the podcast

Turn on Notifications to hear the latest astrology and join us for ceremonial moments throughout the moonth, including free sound baths and meditations.

Join over 400+ students from around the world in Stefanie's Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship Program hosted for free on the Podcast for you!



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Find us in the Artiste Village

We are located at 1005 Main St, Pawtucket, RI, in Studio 117 in the intersection of the 2 buildings

Follow posted signs for parking

Availability varies in the Courtyard, on Main Street, Warren Ave, & Esten Ave

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