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Time has led us to each other.

Hello! I'm Stefanie (Stevie) Nicole Catalano Medina.

I'm a Professional Astrologer, Founder of the Starry Alignment Astrology Community Center, Creator of the Starry Alignment Podcast and the Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship Course.

I live to unveil the mysteries of life's cycles so we can use our time and vitality wisely. My life's work is to initiate change through lightness, divine will, and bounteousness.

With a Bachelor's in Psychology, I have learned from many masters of Ayurveda, Astrology, and the Shamanic Arts for over a decade. I love realism, simplicity, and illuminating the imagination. Work with me to experience the magic of entheogenic, naturopathic astrology. Click here to see teachers of my path.

Our co-creation is divine.

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Accessories for Sound Massage. Tibetan Singing Bowls Treatment

life-changing astrology course

Elements Earth Water Air Fire

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Tell time beyond the modern clock and see symptoms as divine signals on the path of self mastery

Ready to learn more about yourself with an astrological community?...

"Yes! I've been looking for this!"

Elements Earth Water Air Fire

sacred rhythm

astrology mentorship

learn the language of the stars

Align with the present moment, alchemize pain of your past, and actualize your dreams with the spiritual wisdom of Hellenistic & Shamanic Astrology.

In this course, you'll discover the origin story of this lineage and how to apply it to modern day life.

Each of the 12 modules includes a video lesson, written transmission, journal prompts, and embodiment practices inside the membership portal.

Open the Sacred Rhythm Virtual Course Vault and begin to master your chart's primary ruler(s), your time lord of the year, your placements in your birth chart, and planetary transits across time.

the Mentorship Timeline

Join the virtual course & gain complementary admission to our in-person course experiences rooted in the module of the month:

a technical masterclass

a Shamanic sound journey

Friday, June 2 | 7pm EST



july 2023 — date tba

rsvp soon

mark your calendars

rsvp soon

& an integrative workshop

july 2023 — date tba

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12 module astrology course


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12 astrology video lessons


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Journal Prompts


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Client Chart Case Studies


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monthly in-person gatherings


= What you’d spend otherwise


just $180 for the complete course!

or $18 for 12 months

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Meet every month with me as a Private Mentee in-person or online to review each Module's content and apply it directly to your chart together.

Questions get answered and lifelong trauma is often released through this powerful container.

Over the course of one Sun cycle, we will solve mysteries and make peace with the unknown.

we will direct this knowledge to protect and fortify our prana.

1:1 mentorship

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1:1 Mentee


Since joining this program, I have outgrown my own expectations and become someone I am proud of and really admire. You cannot even imagine how grateful I am for the time Stefanie has invested in me. She gave me access to the light of my life that was missing and for that I will forever be grateful.


Astrology is incredibly multidimensional. Having a mentor to unpack your chart with you is so helpful. My understanding of my chart and myself has grown beyond my expectations. Stefanie is incredibly easy to talk to about anything and has a wealth of knowledge to share!


Thinking about joining the Sacred Rhythm Astrology Mentorship 1:1?

Tap out of fear and tap into your potential! Believe you are fully capable of learning the lessons you are being called to learn and overcome the challenges you may see as "set backs". Do it! It's worth it!


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We are located at 1005 Main St, Pawtucket, RI, in Studio 117 in the intersection of the 2 buildings.

Follow posted signs for parking in the Courtyard, on Main Street, Warren Ave, & Esten Ave.

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No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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